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College pays students' NONM membership fees

St John's College of Nursing and Midwifery in Mzuzu has committed to pay 50% membership fees for first year students who are willing to be members of the nurses union.

 The commitment was made when the leadership of National Organization of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi NONM visited the college to sensitize students on the importance of belonging to the nurses union.

 The St John’s College of Nursing and Midwifery Principal Shouts Simeza made the announcement on behalf of the training institution at the end of the NONM membership sensitization meeting.

Simeza said the college is committed to support NONM in its membership sensitization and recruitment exercise bearing in mind that once students encounter issues at the college, they will be able to follow proper dialogue channels as per dictates of labour laws.

“The work of NONM as a union can be manifested in numerous ways, one of which is the championing of dialogue when there are disagreements between students and the college administrators.

“You are aware that students resort to violence and vandalism to demonstrate their anger, but when they get to understand how unions work, they wait for dialogue and keep violence as last resort, so we are really in support of NONM as our nurses’ union” said Simeza.

NONM President Mrs. Dorothy Ngoma emphasized that nursing and midwifery students remain important for the sustainability of the organisation.

“I was once a nursing student, I graduated and started practicing, after years of experience and furthering with education I became a tutor and held various roles in the nursing profession. I am now a retired registered nurse midwife but still serving as a unionist.

“In the same way, you will graduate and serve the nation, so you are the future, you will become leaders of the union, so you are very important for the sustainability of the future of the union” said Ngoma.

Student participants
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The NONM President then commended the college management for pledging to pay 50% of the NONM students’ membership fees adding that the gesture shown by St Johns College of Nursing and Midwifery should be emulated by other colleges.